Got Game

My first experience of computer games was Atari’s Tank game in the late 1970’s, my friend got an Atari for his birthday and he suddenly became very popular. We got our first computer in 1982, a Sinclair Spectrum, and played the games most Spectrum users will remember, Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner, The Hobbit. Then I discovered Football Manager, an
extremely basic but totally addictive football management game (bet you’d guessed that though). I still play Football/Championship Manager to this day which probably makes me one of the longest serving managers there is. Sir Alex who?

I’ve enjoyed other genres to, Medal of Honour and Call of Duty were huge favourites of mine but over time the lack of dexterity in my hands/fingers meant using all the controls/buttons was more and more difficult and it became less and less fun getting shot by 12 year olds online.

The same goes for Racing games, I play an online racing game on PC called Live for Speed. It’s great fun, good honest racing with non of the idiots you get on PlayStation or X Box online racers. I’ve completed over 100,000 miles online but because I’m unable to use Steering wheel and pedals my lap times suffer (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

So, I love gaming, but sometimes frustration gets the better of me and I stop playing for a while. There are now a few solutions out there for disabled gamers so maybe I’ll get to be on top of the podium soon.

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