Pass me the Anusol Please.


As I said before ‘it’s the little things’ that can be so frustrating. Need something from the shop? Ok, just jump up, grab a jacket, out the front door and in 5 minutes you’re there and back. For me, not so easy.  I can’t push a normal wheelchair far at all outside(were not all paralympians) so have to transfer into a Power/Electric wheelchair. This task involves a third party(carer) hoisting me out of one chair and into the other. Then it’s on with a jacket, which is a struggle, as contractures of the elbow turn this into a one sided wrestling match.

Then it’s out the door and down the street, watching for potholes and dog turds. At the shop I have to hope someone is available to hold the door or I have to gently ram it with the chair. Lack of strength in the arms mean reaching out and lifting something off the shelf is impossible, so I look out for an assistant or possibly another customer to help, which could be embarrassing. “Pass me the Anusol please.”  Payment is tricky, most times this will involve the shop assistant having to move from behind the counter to take the money out of my hand or hope the chip ‘n pin machine has a long enough cable to reach me.  Then it’s back home, jacket off, hoisted up and into my original chair. Much more time consuming than you’d imagine, probably takes between 30/40 mins.  Much quicker to let someone else go, or just not bother. Although it does stop impulse buying of sweets/biscuits.

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