Little Green B@$*%&ds.


Thats right. Garden Peas. Now, I like garden peas but over the last few years it has become more and more difficult to get them in my mouth. The inability to lift my arms up to my face means I had to develop a different technique. This technique involves resting my left arm on the table (bad manners I know) and balancing my right arm, between elbow and wrist, on my left hand. Unfortunately this method still doesn’t give me sufficient ‘height’ and anything that just rests on the fork (Not stabbed) tends to roll off. Now, after having to explain countless times why I was sitting on garden peas, they’re banned. Unless I have mashed potatoes because then the peas stick in the mash.

Things that frustrate me as much as peas are:

Spaghetti – To long, virtually impossible to eat one handed and remain dignified.

Soup – Runs off the spoon back into the bowl. Could use a straw but embarrassing in a restaurant.

Rice РSame as Garden peas. Although I can manage rice if its served with a curry.

Pizza¬†– Only being able to hold them with one hand means pizza’s over 10 inch are a problem, especially thin crusts, as they tend to bend then you can lose toppings.

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