I aint no Pavarotti


Only once have I ever sang in public, it was under duress in a school show and it was a song about Wombles. But I love singing, I do it everyday, as long as I’m on my own. A few years ago I was playing Singstar, a singing game on the Playstation and I noticed I was struggling to sing songs that had long lines in them and would have to snatch a breath mid sentence, I also became dizzy requiring several minutes of deep breathing to recover. Over time this worsened (well derrrr) and other respiratory issues developed, an inability to blow my nose, not a great problem as I can’t raise a tissue to my nose anyway, and an inability to cough with any real force.

A few years ago my respiratory problems stepped up/down a level. My sleep became disrupted, waking every 2 hours with cramp. In the mornings I was still half asleep and had headaches long into the day. Now I’m not the sort of person who complains so never spoke to any doctors about this situation but in Dec 2014 I picked up a cold, which is rare for me, and this cold developed into pneumonia. At hospital, after being subjected to a barrage of tests I was admitted and told they wanted to try me on Bi-pap.    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilevel_positive_airway_pressure                 I was worried as I’d always been claustrophobic but it was surprisingly stress free and after a week in hospital I was released with my own Bipap machine. The results were much better than I thought they would be, on my second night back home I slept 7 hours constant, something I’d not done in maybe 10 years.

If anyone reads this and is affected by similar, don’t fear the Bipap.