I Cannot Walk


Ok, first post, what can’t I do?   Well I cannot walk. Born in 1967, I’m told I developed normally. I Learnt to walk/run and loved sports especially football until people started to notice a difference in my walking at about 9-10 years old. After many hospital visits being prodded and poked by Doctors, Muscular Dystrophy (MD) was diagnosed. One of the first effects of MD was my achilles tendon contracted meaning I walked on tip toes. This would require surgery. I had Achilles Tendon Lengthening Surgery (What is ATL Surgery) on both legs at the same time. After a growth spurt the same surgery was repeated a few years later. By the time I was 14/15 years old walking had become difficult and it became necessary to use a wheelchair for distances over 15/20 meters.  At 18 years old I took my last steps.

As bad as the above sounds it’s the little things that are linked to walking that hurt. You can look forward to a list of these little things in future posts.