Scratch that itch.

99% of the itches I get remain unscratched. Poor flexibility and dexterity means that nagging itch just keeps on nagging. ┬áSometimes though, desperate times calls for desperate measures. On occasions I get an infuriating itch right inside the ear and the only option is a cotton bud/Q-tip (they say they’re not for use in ears but thats exactly what they’re made for). Now, even if I rest my arm on a table I’m still not able to reach my ears with said cotton bud, so hidden in a draw is a piece of wood about a foot long with a small slit in it, the cotton bud slips into the slit in the stick and is held there quite firmly. This masterpiece of invention brings immense relief. *

One plus point of having poor reach means it’s practically impossible to shake hands or open doors, considering the huge number of germs passed from person to person in this manner it’s no wonder I hardly ever catch colds.



*Don’t tell anyone about my scratching stick, it’s weird.